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SLAC Today

Fourth LCLS Instrument Captures Its First X-ray Image

SSRL Gains New Spectrometry Capabilities

People: Norm Bobczynski

LCLS CXI Instrument Receives First X-rays

Researchers Get First Glimpse of Light-boosting Effect in a Solid

SLAC and Stanford extend partnership 33 years — Symmetry Breaking

X-Rays Offer First Detailed Look at Hotspots for Calcium-related Disease

People: Theresa Wong Shares a Smile

First Experiments with the Third LCLS Instrument Go to the Source

People: Mike Fazio Ramps up the Power

XPP Instrument Blasts Past Key Milestones

People: Mark Hogan and the FACET team move from Theory to Experiments

Color by physics – An artist’s search for a new way to create color could compel science to ask a  few new questions of its own — (symmetry magazine)

People: Keith Bechtol Gives it His All

Getting Beam to the LCLS: A Day in the Main Control Center

Stellar Artist Shares Work with SLAC

Need Ultrashort X-ray Pulses? Try Aluminum Foil

— Also appeared in symmetry breaking

First Soft X-rays Explore Ultrafast Magnetic Behaviors

People: Bob Hettel’s Teachers

Frequent Injection Mode Boosts Resolution for SSRL Users

People: Harry Shin Flies with the Eagles

Fermi Telescope Releases First Source Catalog

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