The MacGuffin

Photonics Spectra

Scanning Light Microscopy Uses Nonlinear Properties of KNbO3 Nanowires

Superparamagnetic Nanoclusters Form Photonic Crystals

Infrared Detection at Room Temperature with Single-Electron Resolution

Laser Pules Enable Rapid, Loaclized Mixing in Microfluidic Channels – Technique may prove useful for biochemical reactions.

Relationship of Temperature Rise to Incident Laser Power in Optical Traps

AFM Measures Photocurrent Distribution in Solar Cells

Active Feed-Forward Improves Linear Optics Quantum Computing

LED Light Combiner Allows High-Intensity Headlight Design

Modern Technology Follows Ancient Paths

Nanoantennae Show Promise for Subwavelength Optical Microscopy

Optical Fiber Sensors Detect Cryogenic Hydrogen – Single-walled carbon nanotube-based overlays prove effective.

Silicon Nanowires Act as Nanoscale Avalance Photodetectors

Cavity-Enhanced Absorption Spectroscopy Detects Geothermal Gases

Laser Ablation Technique Reveals Ancient Dietary Behaviors – Diet could determine climate-related consumption or migratory patterns of hominin.

Compound White OLED Proves Efficient

Self-Propelling Picnic Pests

Structural and Photonic Properties of Butterfly Wings Replicated – Replicas may act as waveguides for integrated circuits.

Femtosecond Laser Promotes Rapid, Localized Nanowire Growth

OLED Fabricated on Cantilever

Quantum-Confined Excitons Produce Luminescence in Silicon Nanowires

Photoluminescence Reveals Properties of Single CdS Nanowires

Mirrors Play Key Role in Terahertz Communication – Silicon and polymer device provide reflectivity required to avoid obstacles.

Reduced Symmetry Enhances Nanoparticles – Nanoegg optical properties compare favorably with those of concentric particles.

Bright LEDs Made on Side Facets of GaN Stripes

Confocal Raman Microscopy Studies Drug-Membrane Interactions

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