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Lauren I. Rugani

Science Journalist

*A globe-trotting science writer covering the coolest things you’ve never heard of*

Lauren got her start in science writing at age six, when she won second place in the Massachusetts Science Poetry contest. She took a brief hiatus from science writing to publish her own book of poetry at age 10, write some science fiction at 13, and serve as the Features Editor and then Editor in Chief of her award-winning high school newspaper, The Talon. She also spent a summer impersonating Tweety Bird and driving the Batmobile at a popular national amusement park.

Lauren got back into the science writing game as an intern at the trade magazine Photonics Spectra in 2006. She stayed on at the magazine as a contributing editor while finishing her degree in Physics at Syracuse University.

Lauren went on to complete a Master’s degree in Science and Medical Journalism at Boston University. She was the only female in America to be admitted into the class of 2008. During her studies, she interned at MIT’s Technology Review, covering nanotechnology, energy and quantum computing.

After graduating, and having lived her entire life in the northeastern United States, Lauren packed her car and set up shop in the suburbs of Atlanta, where she freelanced and enjoyed the leisurely pace of life in the south. Then, having been bitten by the travel bug, Lauren decided to take an offer at SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory in California in 2010.

Just as she was getting used to life on the left coast, Lauren was presented with a chance to work at CERN. Had she said no, she never would have gotten the chance to crawl inside a toroidal magnet.

Lauren eventually returned to the east coast, where she currently works as a media relations officer at the National Academy of Sciences.

Lauren is also an avid participant in social media. You should follow, friend, connect with and/or circle her. She also takes a lot of pictures for your viewing pleasure.


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