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The Perks of Work

Posted by Lauren Rugani on March 30, 2011

I haven’t updated in a few weeks, mostly because I haven’t been home! Work is going really well and I’ve gotten to do some pretty unique things lately.

Last week a film crew from the TV show Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman came to CERN to film on location and interview a scientist. It’s our office’s job to host any US media that come to the lab, so I basically tagged along with the crew all day and got to see them in action.

In the morning we filmed on top of the water tower, which was just beautiful, although I was slightly unnerved by having to climb up a ladder and through a hatch to get to the roof, where nothing was keeping us there except a thin handrail. We went to a few other places on site and it was interesting to see how a TV show gets made. They film the same things over and over again, from different angles, and not at all in the order they will appear in the show. I can’t wait to see the final version!

Last night I went to the US Mission to the UN to hear a talk by US astronaut Steve Smith. He’s logged nearly 50 hours on spacewalks and flown more than 16 million miles in the space shuttle. I was able to chat with him for awhile after his talk (and told him my brother works on the engines – had to brag!). I also met a lot of people from CERN and other organizations around Geneva.

Apart from these days where I get to do really cool things simply because of my job, I’ve been writing a lot. For those of you who haven’t seen, these are my first three stories:

SUSY search still going strong

Buzz Aldrin visits the LHC

Rare particle decays could indicate presence of new physics

I’m also continuing to learn French, both with online lessons and because I have several hours of meetings each week that are conducted almost entirely in French! Nothing forces you to learn like having to take notes!

Sorry for all you New England folks, but the weather is just beautiful here. This weekend should get up to 70 degrees, and I plan to fill it with hiking, barbecuing and chocolate. I went to Zurich last weekend, but I’ll save that for a different post, along with pictures once I finish putting them together.


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