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Getting in Touch With Your Feelings

Posted by Lauren Rugani on March 25, 2009

Philips Electronics unveiled a jacket this week at the 2009 World Haptics Conference that aims to provide moviegoers with anxiety, fear, tension and a slew of other emotions that apparently we aren’t capable of creating with our own instinctual reactions to nerve-racking situations. The jacket is lined with 64 actuators along the sleeves and chest that respond to signals encoded in a DVD, causing the viewer to experience a chill along their spine or an elevated heart rate as though they were the main character trying to escape a near-death experience.

OK. I get that it’s the 21st century and we have all sorts of virtual reality technologies. But are we really that lazy that we can’t produce our own emotions? Did these guys see The Hills Have Eyes and turn to each other and say, “Dude, I wish my jacket would electrocute me so I’d at least be a little nervous that a malformed cannibal was chasing me with a meat hook?” And I think it’s safe to say that this jacket nixes any and all cuddling opportunities for watching a scary movie on a rainy Saturday night with that special someone.

Save the total body experience for die-hard gamers. My anxiety level is fine as is.


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